Pool Rules

2017 Madrona Swim Club – Pool Rules

  1. Lifeguards are required to prevent and stop any activity that is unsafe, causes injury or conflict to a member or guest, or damages property. Interaction with lifeguards should be kept to a minimum so as not to interfere with their duties and responsibilities
  2. Hanging or climbing on or over the wading pool wall is prohibited
  3. Members and guests are not permitted to run at the pool facility
  4. Gum, glass containers, alcohol and tobacco products are not permitted at the pool facility
  5. No profanity or derogatory language is permitted at the pool facility
  6. Oregon State Health and Madrona Swim Club regulations require everyone to shower before entering the swimming pool water
  7. Appropriate swimming attire is required by all members and their guests
  8. Children who are not toilet trained are required to wear swim diapers and plastic pants
  9. Rough play at the pool facility is not permitted
  10. The upper deck pool area(s) are designated for the consumption of food and drinks by members and their guests. No food or drink is permitted in the lower deck pool area
  11. Please clean up all trash and personal belongings in the lower pool deck area and in the upper pool deck area(s) when you are done with your visit for the day or evening
  12. Please clean up your mess and trash in the pool dressing room areas at all times
  13. Swimmers must wait until the immediate area is clear before jumping or diving off of the diving board. Also, swimmers must dive or jump straight off of the end of the board into the pool
  14. Only one diving board user is permitted on the board at any one time
  15. No hanging from the diving board is allowed
  16. When lifeguards announce their breaks, the minimum age for persons remaining in the swimming pool is eighteen (18) years of age
  17. No person with a communicable disease or with a bandage of any kind is allowed to use the pool
  18. All non-swimmers and children under 10 years of age shall be accompanied by a responsible adult.
  19. There is a 250 lb. weight limit for the diving board.